Giolito History

Giolito was created as the result of valuable contacts made by its founder, Dr Hans Merki. It all started with a visit to his wine merchant in Italy. When, during a discussion of Swiss ice cream brands, neither of them could think of a premium brand, they went together to visit the family-run Gelateria Ghisolfi, near Monza. The ice cream made by Gelateria Ghisolfi was so good that Dr Merki wanted to import this ice cream into Switzerland immediately and without a concept in place.

Yet Hans Merki knew that a new brand and new recipes would need to be created. The products would need to be of unequalled quality. For this purpose, Hans Merki turned to top pâtissier Ernst Knam, who worked under the Michelin-starred chef Gualtiero Marchesi. Ernst Knam declared that he would help in the development of the gelati.

After a long and tiring day, Merki fell asleep over an Italian-German dictionary. When he awoke the next morning, his finger was pointing at “giólito”, which means pleasure and enjoyment. It was the perfect name for an Italian ice cream.
The spring of 2005 saw the beginning of the production and import of the first Giolito Gelati, authentic Italian products of excellent quality.

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